Along with these operators. The C language supports some of the special operators given below.

Special Operator

  Operator   Meaning
, comma operators
sizeof size of operators
* pointer operators
.-> Members Selection operators
#include <stdio.h>
struct person{char name[50];int age;float height;};
void main()
int num=1234567890;
float dec=0.123456;
double ext=0.123456789;
char ltr='A';
char str[]="Somthing to write home about..";
struct person boy;
printf("Size of num int is %d bytes\n",sizeof num);
printf("Size of dec float is %d bytes\n", sizeof dec);
printf("Size of ext double is %d bytes\n",sizeof ext);
printf("Size of ltr char is %d bytes\n",sizeof ltr);
printf("Size of str string is %d bytes\n",sizeof str);
printf("Size of boy struct is %d bytes\n",sizeof boy);

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